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Meineke Mufflers

A muffler company drafts in the slipstream of the market leader, seemingly happy just to be in the race.

Georges Braque

In the shadow cast by Picasso’s considerable legend, the artist whose work actually inspired the term “Cubism” is rarely seen as a coequal pioneer of that revolutionary form.


The determining factor in this classic standards war came down to, of all things, American’s love for movies and sports.

RC Cola

A perpetual third-place finisher in the Cola Wars got its start over a century ago when a grocery store owner refused to pay the price for Coke’s patented syrup, which had been developed in the same small Georgia city.

William Jennings Bryan

A three-time presidential runner-up was also on the losing end of the nation’s first Trial of the Century. His accomplishments in life still outstrip those of most mortals.

Carvel Ice Cream

An early pioneer of soft-serve ice cream found great success – but not the nation-spanning dominance of Dairy Queen.