Category: Sports

Eulace Peacock

Jesse Owens’ greatest rival might have claimed a share of the sprinter’s four gold medals and a place beside him in history exposing the idiocy of Hitler’s Aryan racism… but for a common muscle pull.

Willie Mosconi

A man without peer in the “Noble Game of Billiards” could not compare with his huckster rival in the game of “pool” played out in the barrooms and basements of post-war America.

The Buffalo Bills

The four-time Super Bowl losers are enduring reminders that hard work plus talent plus time is still no guarantee of success.

Mahmoud Abdul Rauf

In his final free throw attempt of the ’94 season, he stepped to the line with a chance to make history. Does his miss say anything about what it takes to succeed, or the transcendent qualities of a champion, or the nature of failure? Nope.

Greg Norman

A spectacularly bad final round in the ’86 Masters was not the only sub-par performance by the likeable Aussie.